Sunday, October 27, 2013

1:00 AM

Listening through every inch of being
For the sounds of my Beloved
Sleeping or stirring.

Beloved is a word used by Rumi.

What if it wasn't Shams in Rumi's poems?
What if Shams and Rumi were the same person?
What if Rumi meant the self?
Or maybe Rumi meant both the self and other?

The self that is a part of the Dao, God, Allah, Jehovah...
What if we referred to our own selves as the Beloved?

Anxious for sounds that my Beloved is healing,
I await sleep.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013


I do not want to write about what is on my mind.
I want to paint pictures of sunny days, flowers in full bloom,
Warm breezes, fuzzy feelings.
I do not want to be honest about what I'm feeling.

What I am feeling is a bottomless well of grief.
If I shared all the grief in my lungs, bones, muscles and heart
It would fill the room, no matter how large or small,
It would fill it.
I'm not sure you can swim in my grief.
I'm not sure I can swim in my grief.

The ocean surrounded by fire
That is my heart.

I don't want to share this. I want to share beautiful things.
Lovely things that make the world a better place.
Not sadness of loss, of my own and others'.

I don't want to open my heart to you.
I'm not cold or shy.
I'm not heartless or strong.
I'm terrified the contents of my heart are toxic.
I'm stuck in the fear
Fear that what my heart holds

Let me tell you lovely tales of survival,
All the lovely things that make you want to be around me.

Let me show you only my smile.
My lovely smile that everyone says is contagious.
Please let me just show you that smile
Smile and eyes that are so good at reflecting back goodness.

Monday, January 21, 2013

Reflections on the Path

Already my center has shifted.

I am no longer sitting beneath the willow when I am in reverie
I am the willow
I am powerful and luminescent
I am golden warm lithe.

Rooted deeply
I grow towards the heavens
I become infinite as I move upwards and so solid as I grow deeper.

I am so light your pulse, her exhale, his inhale, ripples through me
Yet I stand firm and still and tall, able to support you and your waves of being.

I accumulate and expand as I breathe in and I become the nothing that is everything as I let the breath go.

I am wiser and more naive
I am opened raw as I grow fresh boundaries
I am motivated to the action that is a vibrating stillness.