Friday, July 24, 2015

Geography Lesson I

On lazy days I sometimes parade around my house butch.
I want my hair cut "boy" short
--and sometimes I cut it!
I want my chest flat.
Like the plains I manspread on my little futon.
Hips narrow, chiseled shoulders; like canyon rocks.

Other days I like ambiguity, cultivate it;
Lipstick it.
Trimmed brows, hair smoothed close to my head, blue jeans,
Loose white tee showing off a pink polka dot bra.
I am the cave and the outcrop,
The jetty and the harbor,
Mountain and valley.

Today, it's a rare day.

Today, I'm all girl.
I slip around in my low-cut nightie,
Hips swaying, lips full, big hair,
Breasts loose and swinging.
Cows working their way back and forth across a field of rippled grass.
Fluffy clouds suspended in the sky.

Today I feel hollow, open, receptive, hungry.
Today I could bring it all in. 



A cave for an oracle, something hidden in the dark.
Something precious, protected, kept warm and sacred.
Ancient hearths below and stories above.
Invaginations of primordial waters.
Histories held secret and fears embraced.